Registration Instructions

  1. Registrations are now open
  2. Deadline for Registration:
    1. Battle of bands and Act V Scene I (stage play): 25th February, 2017
    2. O Snap! (Online Photography), Roll, Camera, Action! (Short Movie Making) and O Canva! (Poster Making): 25th February, 2017
    3. All the other events will be registered on the spot.

General rules:

  1. On the spot registration is permitted for events, unless otherwise provided. The registration fee will be Rs. 100/- for solo events and Rs. 500/- for group events (except for HighQ, Suit Up and Scavengers)
  2. The Registration fee is Rs. 2,500/-. This is a lump sum payment towards registration fee for all events (except Scavengers), accommodation for 4 nights and local transport (i.e. pickup and drop from accommodation to venue). Rs. 1800 per head has to be paid in advance through NEFT/ Demand Draft/ Cash Deposit. Deadline for payment- February 25, 2017. The remaining Rs. 700 has to be paid on arrival.
  3. Please pay the registration fee online (for O Snap!, O Canva!, Roll Camera, Action via the link given below:
  4. We would also like you to fill up the registration form:
    Individual registration
    Contingent registration
  5. After registering for the event/s, write us a mail with the subject REGISTRATION TRANSFER DETAILS- NATIONAL LAW UNIVERSITY, DELHI.